The easiest thing in the world is to disagree with God, or at least to disagree with what we think He’s saying. People do it all the time … and to their great detriment. How about you? Do you stop to really listen to what God’s saying?

I was in a video conference the other day. I was in one city with one other person, and there were four other people in a different city.

As I watched the people on the screen, it ended up that everyone was talking, but nobody was listening.

The “discussion” became quite heated so I put our speaker on “mute” and said to the guy next to me, “Am I missing something, or are they in violent agreement here?” It turned out that they were all saying basically the same thing, but because no one was listening, they didn’t realise it.

I used to disagree with God, but when I stopped and took the time to listen to Him I discovered that not only was He saying the things I needed to hear, but as I thought about them, I realised that He was right. And yet to get to that point, I needed to actually listen to Him.

Back in Old Testament days, the people said to Moses:

Deuteronomy 5:27 Moses, you go near and hear everything the Lord our God says. Then tell us everything the Lord tells you. We will listen to you, and we will do everything you say.’

These days, we have something much better than Moses. We have the Bible, the living Word of God breathed by the Holy Spirit. The question is – will we stop and listen? Or will we just continue along our merry way, arguing with God?

Tell us everything the Lord tells you. We will listen to you, and we will do everything you say.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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