I’m sure that you can think back on some really scary things that you’ve had to do in your life. But today I want to share one that really, I mean REALLY, freaks me out!

I came across an article and a photo in a “House Beautiful” magazine recently, that grabbed my attention. It was about a new “sky pool”. We’re talking here about a Perspex swimming pool suspended between two residential towers in London – 38 feet long and 110 feet above the ground.

Do you have the picture? It’s like a bridge between the top of these two buildings, only it’s a swimming pool whose sides and bottom are made of clear plastic. So when you dive in, you can see right down to the ground.

Like I said, that completely freaks me out! Aaaargh! Can you imagine?

But in my journey through life with Jesus, and I’m guessing in yours too, He’s asked me to dive into some seriously scary places. Leaving my secure IT consulting job to head into a ministry that at the time was almost dead, with no income, producing no radio or TV programs, was right up there.

It was a huge step, a scary step, leaving success and money behind to step into this failing ministry, Christianityworks. Friends and family counselled me against it.

Like I said, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if you’ve had your share of “swimming in the sky” experiences as well. And just in case you’re faced with one right now, just in case you’re afraid of taking the plunge, God wants to say something to you:

James 2:19,20 You believe there is one God. That’s good, but even the demons believe that! And they shake with fear. You fool! Faith that does nothing is worth nothing.

Take the plunge.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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