I try to imagine sometimes, what it must have been like for people when peace broke out after WWI and WWII. It would’ve been absolutely unbelievable. And who hasn’t seen the images of the great celebrations that took place. Finally … peace!

My parents were in Europe during WWII. My father fought in the German army on the Russian front. He was at Stalingrad before being captured and interred in a British POW camp. And whilst he never talked about it all that much, I know that when peace was declared and he was finally released, he was filled with joy unspeakable.

Now, you can understand a man not talking all that much about the horrors of war … completely. But could you imagine a man knowing that peace had been declared and not sharing it with his friends? It would be completely unthinkable.

So why is it then that so many who call themselves Christians are so coy, silent even, when it comes to the stunningly good news that Jesus died for our sin to give us the free gift of eternal life? How could you not tell people about that? Seriously!

1 Chronicles 16:8,9 Give thanks to the LORD and call out to him! Tell the nations what he has done! Sing to him; sing praises to him. Tell about the amazing things he has done.

Why aren’t God’s people shouting this good news from the mountaintops? Why aren’t we, with all that we are, thanking Him, praising Him, telling others about the amazing things that He has done? How is it that we’ve become so blasé about something infinitely better than the end of a world war?

Come on, people! Peace has been declared. Spread the good news.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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