I wonder if right now you can picture the face of the single most gracious person in your life. And if you could say just one thing to them right now, what would that be?

We Christians like to talk a lot about God’s mercy and God’s grace. We sing songs about them, we hear sermons about them … and yet the more we use those two words, mercy and grace, I wonder whether the less it is that we really let their meaning penetrate our hearts. Bottom line, it’s easy to become blasé about God’s mercy and grace, to brush past them, because we’ve heard about them, talked about them sung about them so often.

Ephesians 2:4,5 But God is rich in mercy, and he loved us very much. We were spiritually dead because of all we had done against him. But he gave us new life together with Christ. (You have been saved by God’s grace.)

For me, it’s when I realise the spiritual death from which He saved me that it all becomes so incredibly real. A spiritual death that existed because I rebelled against Him, because I spurned His love for me and went my own way. How about you?

And in the face of that, out of His richness of mercy, over-abundance of mercy, He saved us from that lostness, from that death … to give us a new life in Christ, who suffered, died and rose again to make that possible.

It’s one thing to picture the face of the most gracious person in your life here on earth. Those people are simply fantastic, aren’t they?

But nothing – nothing­ – compares to the richness of God’s mercy, the unfathomable depth of His love and the blood-drenched grace by which He saved us. Nothing compares. Picture that!

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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