Have you ever felt in your faith-walk – whatever that looks like – that you’re really only going through the motions? That something’s missing? That surely there must be more to following Jesus, than … well, than this?!

One of the things people sometimes say to me, when they find out what I do, is that I’m a “religious man”. But that doesn’t sit all that comfortably with me.

One day Jesus was being followed by a huge crowd. His reputation for healing people and preaching with power had grown throughout the land … hence, the crowd, I guess.

Mark 5:22,23 A leader of the synagogue came. His name was Jairus. He saw Jesus and bowed down before him. He begged Jesus again and again, saying, “My little daughter is dying. Please come and lay your hands on her. Then she will be healed and will live.”

Now I want you to notice something with me here. Jairus was a man of reputation and stature. He was the leader of the local synagogue, a religious man.

And yet he humbled himself before the crowd by falling down at Jesus’ feet to beg. Why? Because with all his religion, training, position and teaching, he didn’t have the power to heal his daughter. Only Jesus did.

That’s the difference between religion and Jesus. For many, religion is an empty set of rules, a ritual, a way of life that. for all intents and purposes. doesn’t change anything.

Jesus, on the other hand, is ready to pour out His life-changing, life-bringing power on you, to empower you to be all that He made you to be. Because, make no mistake … He plans on shining the light of His love into this dark world through you.

Jesus; life-changing, life-bringing power.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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