There are times in our lives when our circumstances are far from ideal; when everything appears to be going against us. And it’s in those times that God means for us to live in victory, not in defeat.

Victory amidst difficult circumstances – well, it sounds too good to be true. Because when we’re facing adversity, what the word “victory” means to us is that we overcome it, that we win and in winning that those terrible circumstances go away because they’ve been defeated.

But when we’re in a wilderness like that, rather than instantly teleporting us out of it, God more often than not chooses to show us a way through it. Because He wants us to learn what it means to live in victory right out there in the wilderness. That’s where character is forged.

Such was the case for slaves back in the 1st Century AD, when this particular Scripture was written:

Titus 2:9,10 And tell this to those who are slaves: They should be willing to serve their masters at all times; they should try to please them, not argue with them; they should not steal from them; and they should show their masters that they can be trusted. Then, in everything they do, they will show that the teaching of God our Saviour is good.

In that place, living in victory meant doing good; it meant slaves demonstrating through service, through dedication, through submission, through honesty, that they could be trusted. It meant shining the light of Christ out into the lives of their fellow slaves and of their masters. It meant showing that God is good.

And that’s exactly what victory looks like in your wilderness and in mine. That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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