Have you ever felt, well, insignificant? This sense that other people seem to be powering on with God, but He’s somehow forgotten about you, left you on the shelf?

Of all the Old Testament characters, Joseph is probably the one who receives more “stabs in the back”, who’s treated unfairly more often than any other. Sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, wrongly accused of attempted rape and then unjustly locked in prison as a result.

While he was there, he correctly interpreted the dreams of two men, Pharaoh’s wine server and baker. He told the wine server that he’d get his old job back and the baker that he’d be executed. Just a few days later things unfolded just as Joseph had predicted. But before the wine server was released Joseph said to him:

Genesis 40:14,15,23 … when you are free, remember me. Be good to me and help me. Tell Pharaoh about me so that I can get out of this prison. I was kidnapped and taken from the land of my people, the Hebrews. I have done nothing wrong! I should not be in prison … But the wine server did not remember to help Joseph. He said nothing about him to Pharaoh. The wine server forgot about Joseph.

Sensational. It’d be another two years before he was finally released and if you know the story, he went on to become the prime minister of Egypt, second only to Pharaoh.

Have you ever felt insignificant? Ever felt that God has passed you by? Hang in there, even if you’ve been stabbed in the back, even if you’ve been treated unfairly. Because God has a plan. You have no idea – no idea – what He is going to do through you. Trust Him!

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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