As we turn the corner into this Christmas week, some people are looking forward to a great family celebration. Others, not so much.

Today would have been my sister’s sixty-fifth birthday, but for the fact that she died just over two years ago from melanoma, having lived most of her life suffering from the terrible disease of schizophrenia.

So for my mother, now in her nineties, and me today is a poignant day, as we remember Cori and miss her terribly. And when we celebrate Christmas as a family, there’ll be a tinge of sadness because she will be missing.

It’s true of many others too. Perhaps it’s the death of a loved one, or a fractured family. For some, it’ll be abject loneliness as they spend Christmas alone. So if there’s any of that in the offing for you, I want to share this Word with you today:

Psalm 27:10 For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the LORD will take me in. (ESV)

There can be no bleaker picture of human isolation than being forsaken by your parents. And yet the psalmist knows that even though this tragedy has befallen him, the Lord will take him in.

Jesus gets that. As He hung there on the Cross, he was forsaken by all, by family, by friends, even by His Father in heaven as their relationship was torn asunder by my sin and yours.

That Jesus, the Jesus who suffered for you, the Jesus whose birth we’ll be celebrating in a few days’ time – that very Jesus is the Lord who will be with you, no matter who happens to be missing from your life.

Your Jesus.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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