Life is short. When we’re young, we know pretty much, that life on this earth will go on forever. But as we grow older, that truism is one that comes home to roost. Life … is … short!

For many years, my mother now in her nineties, has been telling me, “Berni, don’t work so hard. Enjoy your life. One day you’ll be old like me.” And in part, my dear old mum has a point. We shouldn’t work like idiots because there’s more to life than work.

And as a recovering workaholic, I’ve actually listened to my mother and indeed my wife who’s been telling me the exact same thing. These days, I build plenty of time into my life for rest, for fun, for playing with the dog and taking my wife out on date nights or just lingering over dinner at home, talking.

But at the other end of the scale, at the opposite extreme of the life that the workaholic leads, is the sloth. The person who doesn’t exert themselves. The person who adds little or no value to other people’s lives. The person who’s believed the advertising industry’s marketing hype, that “It’s all about me!”

Somewhere, in the middle there, there has to be a healthy balance. A middle ground that these days, we refer to as “work-life balance”. Of course that’s not a new idea. It’s one that Moses prayed to God about back in the day:

Psalm 90:12 Teach us how short our lives are so that we can become wise.

A great part of the getting of that wisdom, it seems to me, is finding that balance between pouring your life out for others, yet still finding time for the simple things in life, like rest.

Be wise. Your life is short. Make it count.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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