If only, in those difficult moments – in those moments where we feel inadequate to deal with what’s in front of us, in those moments where we need God’s wisdom – if only, right then, the heavens would open up and God would speak. If only …

Imagine being one of the twelve disciples. You’re out on the road, you get up each morning, you face all the stuff you’re facing. But when there’s a situation that’s somehow beyond you, when your own wisdom is lacking, hey … all you need do is to turn to Jesus and ask Him. After all, He’s right there with you. That would be cool, wouldn’t it?

Of course, these days He’s not and yet still … He knew that there’d be times in our lives when we’d need His wisdom, times when we’d be confronted by things that are way beyond us. How do we know that? Because towards the end, before He was crucified, this is what He said to His disciples:

John 14:25,26 I have told you all these things while I am with you. But the Helper will teach you everything and cause you to remember all that I told you. This Helper is the Holy Spirit that the Father will send in my name.

So the Holy Spirit will tell us the stuff that Jesus told His disciples. That’s the promise. And He speaks to us still today in all sorts of different ways – principally through the Bible, God’s living Word, but in other ways too.

Through other people sometimes … hey, I was convicted in my heart of a particular sin years ago while watching a kids movie.

Make no mistake – if you believe in Jesus, the Holy Spirit is alive and well and dwelling in you, speaking to you the things of God. Listen to Him. He’s much smarter than you are.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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