We’ve been reading the last couple of days about our emotions because they’re such an important part of who we are. But when we allow them to overwhelm us, we become incredibly vulnerable.

When you think about it, our emotions are the less rational part of our soul. In fact, some days they can become downright irrational. Now, I’m a very rational thinker and rational thinking is good, but without emotions, you appear cold and uncaring because that emotional dimension is what makes us human.

But at the same time, we need to keep our emotions in check because if we allow them to run loose, we end up at the other end of the spectrum – a completely irrational individual whom no one wants to be around. No one, that is, except the devil.

1 Peter 5:7,8 Give all your worries to him, because he cares for you. Control yourselves and be careful! The devil is your enemy, and he goes around like a roaring lion looking for someone to attack and eat.

If you’ve ever watched those animal kingdom documentaries, you’ll know that lions will attack a herd at its weakest point – the youngest, the slowest, the sickest animal. That’s what lions do. And that’s what the devil does. He’ll wait until you’re in a sea of despair or indeed, on a cloud of euphoria. Because when you’re controlled by your emotions, nothing else matters – and that’s when you’re at your weakest.

So control yourself and be careful! The devil is your enemy, and he’s going around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Yes, your emotions are a good thing. But don’t allow them to run out of control. The devil is watching, waiting. So control yourself and be careful.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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