I don’t think that any of us ever imagine that God could make a significant difference in this world through us – through others yes, but not us. And yet God has been known to do the most remarkable things through the most unremarkable of people.

If you or I were Jesus and we had to choose just twelve disciples to be the pillars of this new thing – the Kingdom of God on earth – how would we have gone through the job selection process?

Would we advertise in newspapers and online? Wanted: 12 apostles to proclaim the Kingdom of God, and to be beaten and killed for their faith? Would we hire a headhunter, trawl through the CVs and produce a shortlist for interviews? Would we put them through aptitude tests?

What did Jesus do? Well, He spent the whole night in prayer and …

Mark 3:13-15 Then Jesus went up on a hill and invited those he wanted to go with him. So they joined him there. And he chose twelve men and called them apostles. He wanted these twelve men to be with him, and he wanted to send them to other places to tell people God’s message. He also wanted them to have the power to force demons out of people.

Jesus had big plans for these men. They would become the founding fathers of this thing called “church” which, over the coming (at least) two thousand plus years, would transform billions of lives.

Yep, big plans. So He chose … not the top graduates from the best theological seminaries … no, He chose simple, relatively uneducated people like fishermen, social rejects and sinners like tax collectors. He chose common people, just like you and me.

He called those whom he wanted and they came.

What an invitation. When God calls you, it means He wants you. Go.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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