When our emotions are running riot – anger, fear, a sense of inadequacy perhaps, whatever it may be … it robs us of God’s peace. And in the absence of peace we find our lives on a war footing.

So which would you rather … peace or constant battles? It’s pretty much a no-brainer, right? We all yearn for peace; an absence of hostility in our lives.

And as you read through the Bible, you discover that peace is a really big deal for God. It’s His blessing to His people when they honour Him throughout the Old Testament.

It’s what Jesus promised His disciples amidst the dangerous days leading up to His crucifixion. And peace is the promise of God throughout the New Testament for those who believe in Jesus. But what we choose to do with His peace is another thing entirely.

Colossians 3:15 Let the peace that Christ gives control your thinking. It is for peace that you were chosen to be together in one body.

Now let’s just think about that. We can choose to allow the peace of Christ to control our thinking, or not. When we choose “not” – and we’ve all made that choice – it never ends well, does it? When we’re combative we make bad choices that end up having terrible consequences. Life’s filled with battles and battles are exhausting, they’re hurtful, and at the end of the day they’re not what any of us wants.

But when we allow the peace of Christ to guide our thinking … that brings us peace. And when you think about it, peace and living life in victory go hand in hand. Let the peace that Christ gives control your thinking.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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