I don’t think that there’s a single one of us who doesn’t have some scars on our soul from the things we’ve been through in the past. It’s just life. So why are so many people ashamed of their scars?

Over this last eighteen months or so, my much used, much loved suitcase has spent most of its time tucked away in the bottom of my wardrobe. Obviously, with the whole COVID-19 thing, there hasn’t been a lot of travel.

But still, it’s covered with those barcode labels they stick on at check-in to automatically route it through luggage handling to the right plane. It has dings and scratches. It’s had its wheels replaced multiple times, and yet still it soldiers on.

I love that old suitcase. It’s served me so well over the years – something to which all those stickers, those scratches, those scars, readily attest.

The Apostle Paul was a lot like that. Man, he went through so much – beatings, imprisonment, shipwrecks, assassination attempts. Have a listen to what he says:

Galatians 6:17 So don’t give me any more trouble. I have scars on my body that show I belong to Jesus.

In other words, those scars attest to all that He’s been through for God. He uses them, declares them as evidence before people who are trying to give him a hard time.

Listen to me. Those scars on your soul, they’re part of who you are. They attest to what you’ve been through. And scars also speak of healing. If I can feel affection towards an old suitcase that’s served me faithfully, imagine … just imagine … the love that God has for you … scars and all.

Those scars are beautiful in His sight. Those scars on your soul show that you belong to Jesus.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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