Knowing that Jesus died and rose again to set us free from our sin … that’s one thing. But living out that truth, putting an end to that one sin that keeps tripping you up… that’s quite another.

And that’s the problem, isn’t it? We know that Jesus died on that cross to pay the price for our sin and set us free from its power. But the problem is that sin – especially that one sin which continually plagues us – seems to linger on.

Romans 6:1,2 So do you think we should continue sinning so that God will give us more and more grace? Of course not! Our old sinful life ended. It’s dead. So how can we continue living in sin?

Yep, a rhetorical question, but the answer is … pretty darned easily. We just seem to slip back into it again and again.

Let’s focus on that “one sin” in your life for the moment. What is it? For me, the sin I’ve had to deal with is anger. What’s yours? And when you think about it, there’s always a trigger – something that sets it off. It’s time to identify your trigger. What is it? And what plan can you put in place for when next it happens … to make a good choice, rather than your usual bad one?

You have an amazing brain that’s capable of rewiring itself. It’s a phenomenon called neuroplasticity. You have entrenched neural pathways which you travel down when set off by that trigger. But when you enact your new plan time after time, trigger after trigger, it creates new pathways of behaviour.

God has a plan. Indeed, He’s made a way in Jesus to set you free from sin. It’s time for you to make your plan to get with His plan.

That’s His Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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