So, what are the bits of your life that God wants to be involved in? Is it just the spiritual side, the emotional side? Or does His reign, His kingdom, His provision and blessing extend to every part of your life?

Some years ago, my wife Jacqui and I owned a beautifully restored nineteenth-century terrace house. But then we saw another old house that needed quite a bit of work, but at a bargain price. Should we sell our existing home at a profit, buy the new one and renovate it?

A big decision … so we prayed about it – Lord, what do you want us to do? What are you up to here? And we both felt that God wanted us to make the move although we weren’t quite sure why. So we bought the new place and then we put our existing home on the market.

Buying before you sell can be a risky business. But I have to tell you, it all worked out very well. What a blessing!

And people wonder, “Does God actually get involved in that sort of mundane stuff in our lives?” Absolutely He does.

Psalm 66:5-7 Look at what God has done! These things amaze us. He changed the sea to dry land, and his people went across the water on foot. So let’s celebrate because of what he has done! He rules the world with his great power. He watches people everywhere. No one can rebel against him.

Time and time again, we’ve seen God do mighty things in our lives and why wouldn’t He? Once you set your heart like flint to following hard after Him, honouring Him, lifting up His name … you’d better watch out.

Look at what God has done! These things amaze us.

You serve a mighty God. Prepare to be amazed.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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