Imagine, you’re a bunch of slaves fleeing Egypt. The Egyptian army is chasing you and gaining ground. Then, all of a sudden, you hit the Red Sea – no way to cross, no path to escape. Now what?

That’s precisely the situation that a million-plus Israelites found themselves in when, by God’s power, they were set free from centuries of slavery, only for Pharaoh to change his mind.

Now they’re between a rock and a hard place, or literally, between the greatest military force in the known world, and an impassable sea. Blimey! God, what were you thinking?

You can read about it all in Exodus 14. It turns out that God had deliberately hardened Pharoah’s heart. God had deliberately put His people in danger. Sen-bloomin’-sational!!!

Haven’t you found yourself in that place too? God, what were you thinking? Why is this obstacle in my path? How can this even be happening when you opened the way for me to be here in the first place?

And then finally, the pièce de résistanceGod take this obstacle away so I can get through! How often have you and I prayed that little number?

But God didn’t take the Red Sea away. He did something entirely different, totally unexpected:

Exodus 14:21,22 Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and the LORD drove the sea back by a strong east wind all night and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided. And the people of Israel went into the midst of the sea on dry ground, the waters being a wall to them on their right hand and on their left. (ESV)

It turned out that God never planned on taking the Red Sea away. He planned on making a way through. Listen to me. God will make a way through!

That’s His Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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