I don’t know how it goes for you, but what I find in life – yes, even in a life of ministry as mine is – it’s easy to lose sight of God. To lose sight of His plans and purposes. To lose sight of the objective, the end game if you will. I’ve no doubt that that’s something we all relate to.

You’ve probably seen those movies that depict the battles of old: Men in their armour, wielding their swords. One army against another on the field of battle. Men on both sides dying left, right and centre. Agony, screams, mayhem.

Those scenes, to me, are like a compressed metaphor for life. Men and women of God do drop away from their faith. They do lose sight of the objective. They do die into a Christless eternity, even though once they believed.

When you see those ancient battle scenes in a movie there’s one thing though to notice. There’s always one man carrying what looks like a banner. He was called the standard-bearer. His job was to lead men to the objective. The banner held high was something they could look to in the heat of the battle to lead them forward.

If the standard-bearer fell, another would pick it up and keep going.

Psalm 48:14 This God is our God forever and ever. He will lead us from now to the end of time!

The battle metaphor runs right throughout that psalm. It’s all about keeping our focus on God; this God, our God … who is our God forever and ever. Through thick and thin. In the tough times right there in the heat of the battle, and in the good times.

And with all that mayhem going on around us, He will lead us, He will be our standard-bearer from now – from this moment, even – until the end of time. Don’t lose sight of Him. Don’t let Him go. Your God is your guide.

That’s His Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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