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Forgiving on the Fly

Luke 6:37 Don’t judge others, and God will not judge you. Don’t condemn others, and you will not be condemned. Forgive others, and you will be forgiven.

The easiest thing in the world for you and me to do is to rationalise away our own bad attitudes, our own bad behaviour towards other people. But God is not one to sweep those things under the rug … not at all.

I used to wonder why this whole forgiveness thing is such a big deal with God. I mean, seriously! The reason He sent Jesus, the Son of God, the Creator of the whole universe to this earth, was to be brutally nailed to a cross to pay for your sin and mine; to meet the demands of God’s justice … so that we could be forgiven.

That’s a big deal. And yet, even for the person who puts their trust in Jesus, who believes that He died so that they could be forgiven, that He rose again so that they could have eternal life … there are three things (even for those believers!) that can rob them of His forgiveness.

And here they are … straight from the mouth of Jesus:


Now there are always two sides to a coin, so let’s turn this one over and check out the flip side. If we judge others, then God will judge us. If we condemn others, then God will condemn us. And unless we forgive others, neither will God forgive us. Just let that sink in … judgementalism, condemnation and unforgiveness can rob us of the salvation that we have in Jesus Christ.

God does take this stuff very seriously – so seriously in fact, that He sent Jesus to die for us. So shouldn’t we take it just as seriously as Him?

After all, the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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