Our families are so incredibly important in our lives. And yet so many families are struggling. So many families have, shall we call them … “issues”. And sadly, many families have already been torn apart.

Most of the Christian teaching that you’ll hear around the traps to do with family falls under the heading “How to be a Godly Family” and that’s fine, up to a point. We should want our families to draw together under the loving hand of God.

But what about families that are struggling? What about families that have been through divorce, or infidelity, or … well, you know? What about them? So today and for the next two weeks here in Fresh, that’s what we’re going to chat about. Struggling families. Split families. Singleness. All the sorts of things you don’t hear people talk much about – at least not in Christian circles.

Starting with this reality:

Song of Songs 2:15 Catch the foxes for us—the little foxes that spoil the vineyard. Our vineyard is now in bloom.

There are way too many marriages being torn apart because of little compromises. Flirting with someone else instead of with your wife or husband. Allowing those little annoyances to drive a wedge between you and the one you love. Forgetting to make time for each other. Being more interested in your mobile phone than what the love of your life is saying.

This one thing is the beginning of the end for your family. So don’t let it go on. Do something about it!

Catch those foxes—the little foxes that are spoiling your vineyard. Because it’s meant to be in bloom.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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