Rightly or wrongly (mostly wrongly) we have a hierarchy of sin, of bad behaviour, in our heads. Murder, theft, adultery – they’re really bad. Selfishness, jealousy, boasting – sure, bad … but not that bad.

I’m not sure where that comes from, but most of us excuse our own bad behaviour; we give it a little wink and a nudge, because whilst we know it’s wrong, it’s not that wrong.

When was the last time that jealousy rankled away in your heart, and caused you to pull someone down, to criticise them behind their back? Something as simple as that can cause untold damage, yet we sweep it under the rug, pretending that it’s nothing.

And yet, God calls that particular behaviour and a few others to boot … wait for it … devilish wisdom. Here it is:

James 3:14,15 If you are selfish and have bitter jealousy in your hearts, you have no reason to boast. Your boasting is a lie that hides the truth. That kind of “wisdom” does not come from God. That “wisdom” comes from the world. It is not spiritual. It is from the devil.

Yesterday, we chatted about godly wisdom – simply doing good, in humility, day after day. But selfishness, jealousy, boasting are the complete opposite. The comes from Satan, the father of lies.

So, reality check: it’s time to stop making excuses, to stop giving ourselves a free pass on this sort of thinking, these sorts of emotions –  because they’re destructive; because they fall so far short of the humility and goodness in which the Lord our God – the same one who sent Jesus to die for us – would have us live.

That’s His Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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