Let me be perfectly honest with you. I can be spiritually quite thick sometimes. I think we all can. We hear something from the Word of God and think “Yeah, yeah. That’s good stuff.” But then we go on our merry way and continue just like before. Like I said … spiritually thick!

The other day we chatted about the seeds of envy that the devil sows in our hearts when we see evil people prospering. Today we’re going to circle back to that because when those seeds take root, as they do sometimes, there’s a bit of effort involved in pulling them out.

Envy would have to be one of the most destructive and unhealthy of all emotions. Interesting that it clocks in at number ten in the Ten Commandments handed down by God to His people, through Moses.

Why? Because it’s an evil that leads to so much more evil. When you envy something that someone else has, either you want to take it from them or you set about copying their bad behaviour so that you can have what they have. But let’s not be fooled here. As much as God is the God of love, He is also the God of justice. And those evil people – make no mistake – will get their just desserts. So …

Psalm 37:1-3
Don’t get upset about evil people. Don’t be jealous of those who do wrong. They are like grass and other green plants that dry up quickly and then die. So trust in the Lord and do good. Live on your land and be dependable.

God’s watching. He sees. Those evil people will be consumed by Him. So don’t get upset about them. Seriously … just don’t. God has this one. He doesn’t need your help. Your bit in all of this is to

trust in the Lord and do good. Live on your land and be dependable

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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