Here’s a powerful truth that should never escape us. God wants to help us, you and me, to live our lives in the victory that Jesus died and rose again to give us: victory over our sin and victory over our circumstances.

The other truth that we should never lose sight of is that our acquiescence to sin through the bad habits that we’ve fallen into will rob us of His victory every time.

It’s for that very reason that we so desperately need to bring our lives, our habits, our passions, our desires, our plans to God in prayer. Because – and if you’ve heard me say this once, you’ll hear me say it a thousand times – the only sort of prayer the Bible teaches about is the sort that has powerful results.

Luke 5:16 Jesus often went away to other places to be alone so that he could pray.

Now, Jesus didn’t have a single skerrick of sin to His name and yet still He … when? – He often – He went where? – away to other places – He went why? – to be alone so that He could pray. Because, having laid His power and glory aside to become a man, He knew that that’s where He could lay hold of the wisdom and the power He needed to do all that He was called to do.

How much more then do you and I need to bring our all before God in prayer – especially those ingrained habits that time and again lead us into sin.

So bring them before God in prayer. Invite His power and His wisdom into the equation to break your habits, to set you free … often.

That’s His Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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