Like it or not, trouble will hit our lives from time to time. Just when things seem to be going along fine … whammo! Trouble strikes, almost always when we don’t expect it. And that shock factor makes it ten times worse.

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of flying. Okay, that’s been interrupted lately but still, there are so many flights that stick vividly in my memory because of the turbulence we’ve encountered.

Because I live in Australia, I’m a long way from anywhere, so fourteen-hour flights are not all that unusual. Now, the pilot always tell you to have your seatbelt fastened while you’re seated – something that most people ignore.

But having hit unexpected turbulence so many times, and having heard of emergency doors flying out mid-flight and people being sucked outside, let me tell you, I always have my seatbelt fastened.

Proverbs Chapter 1 is an amazing part of Scripture. I really encourage you to grab your Bible and have a read. It speaks of the fact that God’s wisdom is like someone standing on a street corner crying out to us. And yet, it’s something that most people ignore because they’re complacent. So when terror strikes, they’re completely unprepared. The Chapter finishes off with this:

Proverbs 1:32,33 Fools die because they refuse to follow wisdom. They are content to follow their foolish ways, and that will destroy them. But those who listen to me will live in safety and comfort. They will have nothing to fear.

Severe turbulence almost always strikes without warning. So here’s the question: are you strapped in?

Because God’s plan is to prepare you for those fearful times; to get His wisdom into your heart before that terrible turbulence strikes.

And those who listen to Him will live in safety and comfort. They will have nothing to fear.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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