Most of us – and I know this is going to sound judgemental, which is not normally my way, but cut me some slack here – most of us have an incredibly distorted view of who’s important and who’s not.

Let me explain. These days, this Fresh devotional is read, seen and heard by hundreds of thousands (more likely millions) of people each day, in a list of languages that’s constantly growing.

As you can imagine, we get a lot of feedback – social media, website, emails, on and on. And that’s awesome. It’s such an encouragement. Now, understandably, most people write to “Berni” – the face they see, the voice they hear. Very few people write to “The Team at Christianityworks”. Very few. Why? Well, because “Berni’s” the guy up front. He’s the guy in the limelight.

But without Chris translating Fresh into Hindi, Annelie into Afrikaans, Sbonelo into isiZulu … without Pam the proof reader, the crew at New Zealand’s Shine TV to shoot the videos, Max our audio producer … without Mark the developer or Mariah the designer or Charmaine the ringmaster who brings it all together, none of it – absolutely NONE of it – would make it to you. (And I’ve only mentioned a few).

Romans 16:7 And greet Andronicus and Junia. They are my relatives, and they were in prison with me. They were followers of Christ before I was. And they are some of the most important of the ones Christ sent out to do his work.

This is the only place in Scripture where Andronicus and Junia are mentioned. They worked behind the scenes and yet Paul calls them some of the most important of the ones Christ sent out to do his work.

It turns out that the people behind the scenes are every bit as important as those in the limelight.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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