On this day every year, I close my eyes and put myself inside the tomb where Jesus’ body lay. It’s pitch dark. It’s dead silent. And the body of my Saviour lies there, wrapped in grave clothes, on a cold slab of stone.

I strongly suspect that if I’d been there back then, I too would have completely missed the point of all that He’d said before His crucifixion about His resurrection.

He’d told them many times that on the third day He’d rise again. Great! But now, He was just a cold body on a cold slab. The physical reality of His death was the overriding factor in the loss and devastation that they must have been feeling.

John 19:41,42 In the place where Jesus was killed on the cross, there was a garden. In the garden there was a new tomb. No one had ever been buried there before. The men put Jesus in that tomb because it was near, and the Jews were preparing to start their Sabbath day.

Jesus had promised so much. He preached with such power. He healed the sick. Hey … He even raised Lazarus from the dead. But now, all was lost. Pitch black. Dead silent.

There have been days like this on my walk with Jesus – and, I imagine, on yours too. Days when all seems lost. Days when, despite all that Jesus promised early on, He may as well be dead, because His love, His power, His encouragement, Jesus Himself … it all feels as though He’s evaporated. Poof. Gone.

But friend, I have some good news for you today. Sunday is coming. Resurrection Sunday. We serve a risen Saviour. Jesus is alive and well. Our King is still on His throne and He is in the business of completing the good work that He began in you.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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