If someone came along and offered you contentment … you know … that deep satisfaction that a fruitful and balanced life brings, would you take them up on the offer? I’m pretty sure most of us would.

It’s true, isn’t it. Deep down we yearn for the sort of balance in life that brings contentment. On the one hand, using our gifts and abilities to achieve good things. On the other, having enough time to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

These days, we call it work-life balance. So … how’s your work-life balance going? For some it’s too much work, not enough play, and for others it’s the complete opposite.

Way back in 1965 the famed British rock group The Rolling Stones had a number one hit with their song “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”. It struck a chord (pun intended) with the unbalanced lives people were leading.

With all the technology that’s taken over our lives, perhaps they’ve become way more unbalanced since then. Is there anything new in any of that? Not at all. Here’s King Solomon again in around 960 BC:

Ecclesiastes 4:5,6 Some people say, “It is foolish to fold your hands and do nothing. If you don’t work, you will starve to death.” Maybe that is true. But I say it is better to be satisfied with the few things you have than to always be struggling to get more.

There it is … three thousand years ago, God speaking into lives about this whole work-life balance thing that so upsets our applecarts here in the 21st century.

So – let me leave you with this question: how much is your desire simply to have more stuff ruining your life?

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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