Safety and security are basic human needs. We crave for them, but all too often, we struggle to find them. And life, when the elude us, is not a pleasant thing.

Have you ever wondered why there’s a lock on your front door? Although we don’t think about it too much, the answer’s rather obvious. It’s to keep the bad guys out, to keep us safe and secure in our homes.

Bad sadly for some – women and children in particular – not even the home is a place of safety or security. Or perhaps it is, but the things that you have going on in your life cause turmoil and fear within. It’s for this very reason that we do well to broaden our perspective, to take the focus off our immediate reality to see the big picture.

Psalm 90:1,2 My Lord, you have been our home forever and ever. You were God before the mountains were born, before the earth and the world were made. You have always been and will always be God!

Look at the picture that Moses, the writer of this Psalm, is painting here; even before the mountains, huge as they are, were born, even before the earth and the world were made, God has been our God. God has been your God. God is your home, the place of ultimate safety and security.

So my friend, when those basic human needs go unmet, go find them in Him. Go rest in Him. Bigger than the mountains, bigger than the earth, bigger than the universe. That’s who your God is. And He has a heart to match. A heart for you. A place for you to find your safety, your security.

God is your God. He always has been, He always will be.

That’s His Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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