It’s funny how we have a habit of treading the same path day after day, having the same response to something that sets us off, even if that response isn’t the best response, even if that response always ends badly.

Have you ever been struggling with something? I don’t know … working through a problem or completing an assignment or some difficult meeting at work or just getting the kids out the front door for school of a morning –  just some every day, routine, run of the mill thing, but on this particular day it seems impossible?

Why is that? Why am I banging my head up against this brick wall again?

If I had a penny for every time I’ve done that, and just kept on banging my head up against that wretched brick wall, I’d be rich. I’m sure you’ve been there too. You just need a helping hand.

These days, people get all upset when they read in the Book of Genesis that God made Eve to be Adam’s “helper”. It just doesn’t seem right to say that sort of thing in this day and age.

And yet, that same Hebrew word for “helper” is used right throughout the Old Testament, most frequently of God, in the sense of Him being our “helper”.

Psalm 68:19 Praise the Lord! Every day he helps us with the loads we must carry. He is the God who saves us.

Think about that just for a moment when you’re banging your head up against that brick wall … again! God is right here with you, ready, willing and able to help you with that one, insurmountable problem – that one thing that’s driving you crazy, that one thing you just can’t seem to get through.

Not just some days. But every day.

He is the God who saves us.

That’s His Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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