One of the jobs of any parent is to protect their children. And as a husband, father and now grandfather, that’s a job that I take very seriously indeed. So why would we imagine that God is any different?

The other day we chatted about the ups and downs of life. Sometimes though – hopefully not too often – the downs descend into fully blown crises. Here’s a prayer request I received just the other day:

I’ve stopped working due to anxiety and depression. I’m struggling financially and everything I do is failing. I can’t take care of my children’s needs for school’s stationery, uniform and fees.

Those situations come in all different shapes and sizes. So today, let’s go deeper than a mere downer to think about what to do when we hit rock bottom.

Psalm 61:1-4 God, hear my cry for help. Listen to my prayer. From a faraway land I call to you for help. I feel so weak and helpless! Carry me to a high rock where no one can reach me. You are my place of safety, a strong tower that protects me from my enemies. I want to live in your tent forever. I want to hide where you can protect me.

King David, who penned that prayer, was the greatest king that Israel ever had until a very different king – Jesus – appeared a thousand years later. Yet this great warrior king cries out to God … I feel so weak and helpless!

And friend, let me tell you, if it’s good enough for a strongman like David, it’s good enough for thee and me. Your God is your protector. Cry out to Him, because it’s a job that He takes very, very seriously indeed.

That’s His Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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