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Tamar Valley Christian Church

                              Senior Minister:                                  Assistant Pastors:                                  Assistant Pastor:                                           Elders:
                           Kevin & Lyn Donohue                  Lyndon & Maureen Shepherd                     Andrew & Jacqueline Goelst                      Michael & Jenny Senior
Sunday Service: 10:00 am

We are in partnership with our community welfare organisation The Caring Network.

Our church is part of Bethesda Ministries International, a group of Pentecostal churches in Australia and the world.


The BMi vision is expressed through our churches and ministries unique and individual vision and calling.

Our vision is two-fold:

  1. to see strong and healthy churches and ministers established and nurtured where the priesthood of all believers is exercised and believers are trained, equipped and released to grow to their full potential and maturity in God and
  2. to facilitate the command of Jesus to disciple the nations of the world, by providing and encouraging leadership, church planting and training in various forms.


The Bible: BMi is committed to the Bible, as God’s inerrant revelation to man. The Bible is inspired and authoritative in all matters relating to life, ministry and conduct in God’s kingdom.

Healthy, growing churches: BMi believes healthy churches promote growth, both internally and in planting new churches.

Family of churches: Whilst BMi strongly supports and endorses autonomous local churches, our reason to exist is in large part to build a family of churches in support and commitment to one another.

Spirit empowered: BMi believes in a balance between the objective Word of God – the Bible and the subjective ministry of the Holy Spirit in revelation to see the Bible come to life in our churches and members lives.

Sovereign grace of God: BMi embraces the sovereign grace of God not only in salvation but in every dimension of Christian life.


To develop healthy churches and ministries by:

  • building strong leadership through quality training programs
  • encouraging each member church or ministry to seek opportunity to grow and to establish new churches and ministries
  • growing in relationship with other members of BMi
  • strongly proclaiming the gospel of grace in the new creation in Christ
  • understanding and practicing the balance between the Word and the Spirit
  • ensuring we are God-pleasing in all our doctrines and practices
  • understanding that as Christians we live and practice a life and work of selflessness.

To support and resource our member churches and ministries to facilitate the fulfilment of their God-given potential.

To seek to fulfil the call of Jesus to disciple all nations by planting and building healthy churches and ministries wherever and whenever God grants opportunity.

To encourage the building of strong families where children can be equipped for their life’s work of ministry.

To encourage and embrace the body of Christ through relationship with the various denominational groups.

To honour and respect civil authorities whilst recognising our responsibility to remind them of their responsibility to govern according to the word of God.

To honour and respect the God-given authority of the family and church in the governance of nations.


BMi is a fellowship of churches and ministries with a National Leadership Team to facilitate joint activities and administrative functions. BMi provides regular opportunity for fellowship, through State and National Gatherings which offer encouragement, instruction and the building of relationships.

Whilst BMi has a basic position on church polity and theological stance which are expressed in its various documents, details of these matters are considered the responsibility of local member churches.

BMi will continue to develop its distinctive call and destiny, whilst maintaining fellowship with other denominations, both in Australia and beyond. The present leader of BMi is Pastor Peter Frogley who sees his role as restoring the original focus of the primacy of scripture, the building of healthy outreaching churches and the building of an even stronger relational framework between member churches both in Australia and internationally.


BMi recognises the church universal organised into local congregations. Within BMi those local congregations will be autonomous and self-governing, but as members of BMi they will be interdependent and working together for mutual benefit and the greater glory of our Lord. BMi local churches are self-propagating; initiating growth and church planting in liaison with BMi. Our churches are governed by overseers (which may be known variously in different churches), led by a minister credentialed by BMi and served by deacons (helpers).

Our churches are composed of people who:

  1. are saved through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
  2. are baptised with water
  3. ideally baptised in the Holy Spirit
  4. are in submission to the overseers who are responsible to shepherd, disciple and lead the local church.


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