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Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Holy Trinity is a city church, seeking to be a presence in the CBD and drawing its congregation from well beyond its formal parish boundary. We aim to be an evolving expression of formal Anglican worship with a compassionate pastoral care for all.

Known for the dignified formality of its worship services, Holy Trinity maintains the classic Anglican pattern of Prayer Book liturgy with seasonal variations, Bible readings based on the Lectionary, and liturgically coloured robes/vestments.  As with all Anglican churches, there is an emphasis on hearing God's word through readings from the Bible, and an attempt to grapple with its meaning and significance in Bible focused sermons.

Holy Trinity has a long history in Launceston. By 1838, the original Anglican Church in Launceston (St John’s) was out of space and plans were made for a new parish. The foundation stone of the first Holy Trinity church was laid in September 1841 and opened for worship a year later in September 1842. By the late 19th century, structural issues had made the building unsafe and its replacement was necessary. The present church was opened in 1902.

Sunday services:  8:30am, 10:30am & on the first Sunday of the month 5:30pm.

Weekday services: Wednesday 10:30am & Thursday 12:15pm.

The Rector is The Reverend Lee Shirvill

Contact Information

34 Cameron Street Launceston Tas 7250


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