Delta Reveals How Paralysis Threatened Her Singing Career

By: Clare Bruce

Delta Goodrem has gone public with the real story behind her song Paralyzed – revealing a long and torturous journey of recovery after her tongue was partly disabled due to complications in surgery.

An operation to remove her salivary gland led to a nerve in her tongue being damaged – leaving her unable to speak properly.

A video released on social media – a montage of up-close and personal clips taken throughout her recovery – shows her speaking with a serious impediment for months; getting emotional and frustrated with herself for not being able to talk properly; and terrified that the paralysis means she won’t be able to sing again.

Watch: Delta Goodrem – My Story Behind ‘Paralyzed’delta goodrem's my story behind paralyzed youtube video

Delta is seen in speech therapy sessions, slowly learning to speak clearly again, “teaching her brain to talk to her tongue”; as well as songwriting and recording once she had recovered the ability to sing.

“They said it would take a year,” she says, “and it has.”

She explains that singing feels different now – something she has had to come to terms with: “I don’t think it’s gonna fully ever be the same as what it was before,” she says. “There’s people who go through a lot, lot, lot, lot worse.”

The video contains joyous moments as she revels in the simple gift of speech: “Can speak now, won’t shutup!”

An End to Speculation

still from delta's story behind the song video

The lyrics to Paralyzed speak of her struggle, and for months interviewers have been asking exactly what was the story behind the song.

“You never know what someone is going through in life. In 2020, everyone has a story and is going through something: A reset!”

Doctor paused this life/ He told me, “You won’t fly. Cancel everything. You need some time to heal / And it may take a year / Reset the clocks again./ Is this the way life goes?
Everyone is singing their love songs / Now can’t seem to find my own tune / I’ve been on the inside for so long / If they knew the truth

The video ends with a hand-written message:

“You never know what someone is going through in life. In 2020, everyone has a story and is going through something: A reset! Ask people around you, even the strong ones, if they are OK! Be kind, be patient! Stay strong and be positive. My deepest love and respect for my doctor and to all the doctors and nurses at St Vincent’s. We are all behind you and all healthcare workers in the current fight!

❤️ Delta x”

Article supplied with thanks to Hope Media.

About the Author: Clare is a digital journalist for the Broadcast Industry.

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