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March 29, 2024
The Message of Easter: A Love that Conquers Death

If love is as strong as death, then the love of Jesus is far, far stronger than death, writes Eliezer Gonzalez.

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March 28, 2024
The Hidden Meanings Behind Your Favourite Easter Traditions

Easter eggs, Lent, Good Friday, hot cross buns… you may be surprised to know the origins of your favourite Easter tradition!

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March 26, 2024
Is Easter Still Significant in Australia?

For some, Easter is the most important faith-centred time of their year, and for others, it’s another chance to relax over a long weekend.

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March 14, 2024
‘I Am Patrick’ – Discover The Inspiring Story of Faith Behind St Patrick’s Day

The docu-drama takes you on a journey to discover the incredible true story of Saint Patrick, the escaped-slave-turned missionary.

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December 28, 2023
7 Ways to Celebrate the Year Past

As the year draws to a close, it can be worthwhile spending some time to celebrate the year past and all your gains and achievements.

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December 26, 2023
Boxing Day Blah

After the festive fun of Christmas, Boxing Day can feel a bit blah. It makes me wonder what the first Boxing Day was like.

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