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You CAN be a Mother-in-Law Legend!

By: Jan MurrayWhile mothers-in-law often get a bad wrap in our culture, really all they want is the best for their kids. Mostly, they have their hearts in the right place. It’s not impossible! You can be a mother-in-law legend.Sleep consultant Jan Murray shares how a mother-in-law can love,...

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5 Tips to Make Minimalism Work for Your Family

Right now, small is big. Minimalism is popular everywhere: tiny houses, 30-item wardrobes, basic food diets and simpler lifestyles.  Author: Stephanie Carroll | Focus On The Family. A couple of months ago I watched a documentary that showed a man living with the bare essentials in mostly empty...

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Embracing the Various Seasons of Marriage

By: Focus On The Family All marriages go through seasons. Dr. Gary Chapman joins Focus on the Family to discuss the attitudes, emotions and actions of winter, spring, summer and autumn marriages, and how couples can make the most of each season. Part 1 of Embracing the Various Seasons of Marriage...

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