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Mum Thanks God for Her Daughter’s Miracle

By: CBM AustraliaHere is a heartfelt letter from Frenil, a mum in the Philippines whose 13 year old daughter received a Miracle thanks to someone giving on Miracles Day. The letter was written in July 2020.“Our lives changed when my 13-year-old Joanna woke up three years ago without sight....

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When an Aussie Mum Witnesses the Miracle of Sight

By: CBM AustraliaNever in her wildest dreams, would mum-of-three Mariska Meldrum have pictured herself standing in a small shack on a remote island in the Philippines, watching someone have eye surgery. But that’s exactly where she found herself three years ago, watching in awe as Dr Reden...

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The Silver Lining of COVID-19 – Fewer Colds and Flus

By: McCrindleAustralians are projected to experience an average of 2.5 fewer colds and flus as a result of social distancing and hygiene practicesMore than two in five Australians (41%) have experienced fewer colds and flus since social distancing and hygiene practices were introduced compared to...

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