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Reverend James Hornby Talks about Depression

Our interview expert, Vicki Eberhardt from the Talk-back Lounge, has another excellent and insightful chat here! Vicki talks with the St Johns church reverend James Hornby about his journey and life with depression! As ever James gives us a candid and sensitive look into the widespread condition...

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New Years Resolutions

Dave and Steve catch up to discuss the pitfalls and right way to make meaningful New Year’s resolutions! Sometimes we can get hung up on unrealistic goals, just because its the start of the New Year! Steve Dimsy gives us some timely advice on this seasonal habit!

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Guardianship – Rowena Holder

Vicki chatted with Rowena Holder – president of the guardianship and administration board. The Guardianship and Administration Board can make decisions for the benefit of persons who have a disability and are unable to make reasonable judgements about lifestyle and financial matters. Some...

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