Australia’s Changing Spiritual Landscape

By: McCrindle

A rising trend in Australia is the affinity for no religion1. While one in five Australians (22%) considered themselves as non-religious in 2011, the number has been rising with three in ten (30%) considering themselves as non-religious in 2016.2

Despite not considering themselves as religious, Australians are increasingly describing themselves as spiritual, with more than one in two (56%) believing in a God, spirit or life force and one in four (27%) having had a mystical or supernatural experience3.

The relationship between Australia’s spiritual landscape and Easter

With the rise in non-religion and spirituality, one might worry that Australia is becoming increasingly progressive, moving away from traditional Christian values and celebrations, like Easter. However, this is not quite the case. Despite the move away from traditional forms of religion, Australians are still holding strong to the core beliefs. Not only do more than one in two (58%) Australians believe in a higher power/ God, miracles (60%) and life after death (59%) but a quarter (24%) are certain that Jesus Christ, the centre of the Easter celebration, rose from the dead. A further 20% believe it is possible that Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

Australians reflect positively about Australia’s Christian roots

While affiliation with the Christian faith has been declining in Australia, most Australians reflect positively on the impact of Christians across multiple spheres. Seven in ten Australians (71%) believe that Christians have had a positive impact on the charity sector while more than one in two believe Christians have had a positive impact on the local community (63%) and the education sector (58%).


These insights are based on the collation of quantitative data gained through an online survey of 1,000 Australians aged 18+, which was in field during March 2021. The survey is nationally representative by gender, age (generation) and state.

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Article supplied with thanks to McCrindle.

About the Author: McCrindle are a team of researchers and communications specialists who discover insights, and tell the story of Australians – what we do, and who we are.

Feature image: Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash

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