3 Reasons Bieber is Better at Sharing Jesus Than You

By: yesHEis

Okay, okay, we’ll be honest: that title is pure click-bait. There is no competition when it comes to personal faith in Jesus, nor is there a ranking system to how you live-out or share your faith, but there are always opportunities to learn and grow, and we could take a few notes from Justin Bieber.

You can’t deny the guy is talented! He can play multiple sports competitively, play multiple instruments professionally, and can sing his way to the top of the charts. However, the skill we’re most impressed by is his consistent ability to weave Jesus into the conversation and tell people about Him.

A recent one-paragraph Instagram post simply and honestly shared about his past and present insecurities and how he is learning to let Jesus lead his life.

an instagram post by ustin bieber

“I want to walk in the plans God has for me and not try to do it on my own. I want to give up my selfish desires daily so I can be a good husband and future dad. I’m grateful that I can walk with Jesus as he leads the way.” — Justin Bieber

In previous interviews, he has talked openly about his faith in Jesus, his turning away from sin, his reliance on grace, the influence of Christian mentors, his love of his wife, and how he believes Jesus saved him. Here are 3 things we can learn from Justin Bieber about sharing Jesus.

Faith is a journey, not a destination, and people relate to our humanity, not our perfection. Justin does well to show the ups and downs of his life and his faith which helps people understand that Christians are just broken people being made whole through Jesus.

2. Keep It Simple

The Gospel is simply profound and profoundly simple. A great testimony shares how your story and God’s story intersect. Justin does well to explain simply what his life was like before Jesus, why he chose Jesus and how his life has changed (and continues to change) since following Jesus.

3. Keep It About Jesus

Jesus is the most revolutionary person to have ever lived and an encounter with Him can change you forever. Rather than getting caught up in semantics, arguments, and theological differences, Justin does well to continually point people to Jesus. He ensures Jesus is the hero, not him.

Article supplied with thanks to The Journey by yesHEis.

About the Author: yesHEis provides various resources to help share your faith in relatable ways.

Feature image: Justin Bieber Instagram

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