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In a Fast Food World, Are We Losing the Art of Sacred Meals?

By: Sheridan Voysey

When was the last time you had a truly special meal where you left the table changed, uplifted, fulfilled? You came burdened but left lighter (at least emotionally). Your soul was filled, not just your stomach. Continue reading “In a Fast Food World, Are We Losing the Art of Sacred Meals?” »

All-Star Voices Cast in New Christmas Movie

By: Movies Change People

New faith-based movie, ‘The Star’ casts many recognisable voices in the ‘Greatest Story Never Told’. Continue reading “All-Star Voices Cast in New Christmas Movie” »

Meet James Hornby – The New Rector at St Johns, Launceston

Vicki chats with James Hornby below, the Rector at St Johns Anglican church.  A Rector is the head or leader of the church.  James is a father of two girls and had dreams about being an astronaut as a boy!  James trained a forester and became a tree scientist, before working in the ministry.

St John’s has 4 services each Sunday, which vary from the formal to the casual – something for everyone!  To fit all that in, James starts his Sunday at 5am and it ends at 9pm.  James vision for St Johns church is to bring people together who love Jesus or wish to find out who he is!

James loves music and plays the piano, enjoys cycling and is a big basketball and cooking fan!  You can catch up with him at 157 St Johns on Sundays, online at http://www.stjohnsac.net.au or take in the interview below!

A Teacher’s Survival Guide to Dealing with Parents

By: Michael McQueen

Once upon a time, it was a student who got nervous in the lead-up to parent-teacher interviews. Nowadays, the person often getting most anxious is the teacher! Continue reading “A Teacher’s Survival Guide to Dealing with Parents” »

Supporting Charities and Ladies of Launceston – Its Capri!

Capri, on the corner of Brisbane and St John Streets, has been supporting charities and ladies of Launceston for over 20 years!

Capri has been sponsoring Launceston’s WAY FM for the past couple of years and this week Nigel, from the Talkback Lounge, caught up with the owner of Capri Cheryl, to chat about Capri’s trade a bra promotion!

Capri has donated over $10,000 to cancer council with trade a bra over the years. And in 2017 Capri has continued trade a bra and has had its most successful year with over 2000 bras traded in! The traded bras go to women in the Philippines who can’t easily afford or get access to shops like Capri!

What a wonderful cause!

Check out the interview with Nigel and Cheryl below or head to caprilaunceston.com.au