Meet James Hornby – The New Rector at St Johns, Launceston

November 1, 2017 John Gregory No comments exist

Vicki chats with James Hornby below, the Rector at St Johns Anglican church.  A Rector is the head or leader of the church.  James is a father of two girls and had dreams about being an astronaut as a boy!  James trained a forester and became a tree scientist, before working in the ministry.

St John’s has 4 services each Sunday, which vary from the formal to the casual – something for everyone!  To fit all that in, James starts his Sunday at 5am and it ends at 9pm.  James vision for St Johns church is to bring people together who love Jesus or wish to find out who he is!

James loves music and plays the piano, enjoys cycling and is a big basketball and cooking fan!  You can catch up with him at 157 St Johns on Sundays, online at or take in the interview below!

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