In The Garden – Natural Insecticides – Oct 30

November 2, 2017 John Gregory No comments exist

Spring is almost over and your focus on the Garden is probably changing. Drive time announcer Karen Dickson catches up with Mark from Allan’s to chat about your garden!

Andrew gives us the good oil on the bugs and critters that are also enjoying the warmer weather and lots of things to eat!  He chats about how to best eradicate or ‘remove’ the critters with a minimal impact on your and the plants health.  Thirty years ago we had some sinister sprays in the garden shed – but those times are gone!

Things like garlic in water acts as a natural insecticide and even cold coffee – yes the caffeine actually removes them by stimulation! There are products than can be purchased that are fully developed from natural sources too.  Or there’s always a saucer of flat beer; pop it into the garden and the slugs come and taste it and then go to sleep!

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