Author: Bronson Brandis-Gray

The annual Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal is coming up soon on the 28-29th May, with doorknockers around the country seeking funds to help the Salvation Army keep refuges open, vans on the road, showers operating, and continue to provide food and assistance to Australians in need.
Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman launched the Tasmanian Red Shield Appeal last week, with a generous donation of $30,000 from the Tasmanian government, to support the wonderful programs throughout the state supporting the homeless, needy, and people in crisis. Premier Hodgman spoke to WAY FM CEO, Peter Krause recently, saying what a fantastic job the Salvation Army do to support the needs of Tasmanians doing it tough. “It’s a source of some regret for me that we (as a government) can’t do everything, and often it falls to organisations like the Salvation Army to help.” Premier Hodgman also praised the generosity of Tasmanians, who have always helped the Salvos so willingly in the past.
The Red Shield Appeal Doorknock is one of the easiest ways to help Tasmanians doing it tough. Volunteers help raise vital funds for the running of The Salvation Army’s vast network of social services that assist over one million people around Australia every year, through emergency accommodation, counselling, domestic violence support, and many, many other services.
If you’d like to volunteer as a doorknocker for the Red Shield Appeal, you can register online now at

Bernadette Black may not be a household name around the country just yet, but she’s getting close to it. At the age of 39 she’s worked as a nurse, written a book, served as a member of her local council, stood for Federal politics, won the Barnardos Mother Of The Year award, and last year launched a national charity, the Brave Foundation, which exists to provide encouragement, support and resources for girls, guys and families facing teenage pregnancy and parenthood. What makes Bernie even more remarkable is that she herself had a baby at the age of just sixteen.
Bernie experienced first-hand the stigma associated with a teenage pregnancy and the lack of support and education. She says, “Throughout my pregnancy, so many people looked at me critically and judgmentally and made me think that I should be embarrassed and ashamed. I desperately searched for support and inspiration from others who had been in my situation but found none”. She promised herself that one day she’d write a book to help other pregnant teenagers, and her book, “Brave Little Bear”, was published in 2006. Last year Bernie also launched a national charity, Brave Foundation, which aims to “build a village of acceptance and support around every person facing teenage pregnancy and parenthood”.
This May Brave Foundation have launched their first official Fundraiser, the World’s Biggest Baby Shower. This is your way to get involved in your local community or group of friends.
The World’s Biggest Baby Shower fundraiser is active throughout the month of May, and the Brave website offer some fantastic ideas of how to host a baby shower (or other activities, both small and large scale) with your friends or in your workplace. Check it out here for more information, and don’t forget to register to access some great games and other fundraising support activities.

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