Supporting Charities and Ladies of Launceston – Its Capri!

Capri, on the corner of Brisbane and St John Streets, has been supporting charities and ladies of Launceston for over 20 years!

Capri has been sponsoring Launceston’s WAY FM for the past couple of years and this week Nigel, from the Talkback Lounge, caught up with the owner of Capri Cheryl, to chat about Capri’s trade a bra promotion!

Capri has donated over $10,000 to cancer council with trade a bra over the years. And in 2017 Capri has continued trade a bra and has had its most successful year with over 2000 bras traded in! The traded bras go to women in the Philippines who can’t easily afford or get access to shops like Capri!

What a wonderful cause!

Check out the interview with Nigel and Cheryl below or head to

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